Monday, July 13, 2009

Life after my baby Louise has arrived since Feb

I have no regret of swapping my training time to spend with my new born baby Louise Chin and my lovely wife. Since Aug 2008 indeed after the Half-Ironman race, I seldom train hard (until cramp at both legs) and had set my target to a lower finishing time.

The goal of me doing running or take part in any race would rather be just complete it while enjoying it thru the race.

I was busy working overseas especially in Cambodia as required by work, not to mention about the lacking of venue, partner and time to train, I was also not in a very conducive environment to work out as hard as I am in KL. NO one to blame, just to blame myself for it. The internal evil - evil of laziness took charge of my free time. I was either watching TV or spending time surfing the internet.

After the latest 2 races - KL half marathon and PD Triathlon yesterday, I think I know what I should do to make the things right and not to repeat the same mistake again in the future.

I'll post my after race review on both races soon. Do check it out within days :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Long long break after GE 20k

My life has changed a lot since the arrival of my first baby, Louise Chin. As I've planned before, I'll give up most of my time to take care of her knowing tat I'll be away from her/home due to overseas traveling.

What I had done for the past 5months? Well, life is never a dull moment with a new family member,moreover this is my first time life experience. Chatting with her, milk her, bath her, hug her when she cry, admiring her and of cos extra care handling of the producer - my wife during the confinement month is not an easy task I would say.

I've made to alert every 2-3 hours to take care of baby and tell you what, I lost weight even without hitting the road on regular basis. I do jog around the housing area whenever I feel I was long time not in action. Training schedule is not my priority at all.

To make this right, I told myself I must enter some races to discipline myself. So I've registered for Stan Chart Half Marathon and the favourite event of mine Port Dickson Triathlon.

Knowing my condition is far off from my last year standard, I just have a goal, to complete it without much stress and keep running or exercising. Many cases happening around me telling me that once I stop, my heart will stop soon as many diseases will chase up for those who are running slow in their life indeed!!!

I can imagine myself with big tummy, walking with thigh open (mengkangkang) due to obesity as my dad is one good example for me, I can't let this happen to me and I promised myself that I won't let this happen when I'm still able to exercise, no excuse for not working out.

Then, I realise my running is about time to overhaul. And coincidentally I read and found out that there is a campaign done by New Balance in selected store with selected shoes models.

With the mind of thinking I would get a good running shoes, I went to NB store last night at Garden,Mid Valley. I was once again disappointed by those fake and lousy rules and criteria of such campaign once again. Those "selected models" are outdated, and out fashion I would say. To me, if you really want a runner to buy your product which in fact they will still with you in the future whenever they are still active in running, you got to be sincere in pushing your product, no point bluffing people with those campaign.

I've shifted to Brooks running shoes since last 3 years and I thought I would give NB a try as my first proper running shoes was NB b4. Now, definitely no way for me to buy NB shoes again, NO WAY !!! technology wise, I think Brooks and Adidas put in more effort which I can hear from my friends who is wearing. Sorry to say tat, NO WAY TO NB Shoes!!!

I'll be off to Siem Reap next week and hopefully I can start back my calaory burning exercise there and prepare well for the most anticipate running event in Malaysia. See you all there :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GE 20k run

Last Sunday was a another power testing on my fitness level after long laid off from serious training since the completion of my first Half Ironman Race in August 08.

I had almost sleepless night before the race day as I was too worried towards the half marathon race. I knew I might hit the wall at any point during the distance as I hit it twice last year! The longest distance training towards the day was only <15km. My physical fitness is not at the peak as I was before.

I woke up at 5am to get myself ready. Did some simple muscles pulling/stretching at home before heading to the race venue. Once I reached the starting area, for the first time during my races that I warmed up seriously as I want to try something starting this year. Ran for almost 15minutes with comfortable pace and sweat out towards the starting time.

"Bang..." We started sharp at 6.30am at Lake Garden,KL. Immediate there was an uphill turn during the first 1.5km. Thanks to the good warm up I'd done, I was feeling ok during the climb. Many runners started to slow down going the first hill even, long way to go for them :(

Running in KL races especially those organized by Pacesetter are well known for the hills route that will torture/surprise new runners. My pace is quite ok at the 10km mark, I was doing 1hour 3minutes. I was thinking of finishing this race without stopping/walking, that was all in an unfit triathlete's mind. I was thinking 2H30M would be a realistic timing then.

Hills after hills, I was overtaking runners during hill climbs for the first half of the race. During the 2nd half, as usual seeing some better runners overtaking me. But this time I'm more prepared. I'll tried to follow and fight back if possible. I noticed that there were a female runner who overtook me each time I'm descending, like "cari pasal" and the funny part was I caught her each time during ascending :)

During the last 5km, I was surprised to see that I still have 30min left. I was so excited that I might hit my PB (personal best) during this race. After the last water station and overtaking the female runner again, I tried to push towards my limit. I was having 5 minutes during the last KM!! Too bad that my tank was almost empty by then.

I knew that I'll miss my PB during this race. I just keep a recovery pace towards the end. WTF!! The female runner challenged me again at the final stretch. To redeem a triathlete pride, I'd to dig deep to leave her until I crossed the finishing line.

My race finished at 2H5min, missed out my PB of 3minutes only. Nevertheless, feel good to come back now. With my first baby girl meeting me after CNY, I'll slow down on swimming and cycling training. I think by now I know what I need to emphasis on!!

By then, HAPPY Chinese New Year and may Year 2009 bring us wealth and health thoroughly!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long break after Desaru Half Ironman

After almost half a year of the grueling half ironman race, now I'm back to running and training as I'm back to KL after few overseas trips on and off.
I've been back to training for my swimming and running.
After joining The Miracle Miler ( which is a running club formed by my junior Joshua Hooi, I was convinced to join the GE30k run. AS I've been out of action for long time, I think it would be wisely for me just to take 20km run instead.
Had several trainings so far, the most I hit was 15km, let's see how tomorrow's race will be :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Running In Phnom Penh,Cambodia

I'm currently working in Cambodia now. Jz dun wanna lost my stamina while away from Malaysia, I did bring my runnin shoes along :)
Went for morning run this morning in their town, and unfortunately became the biological human filter for around 40mins.
There were so many motocyclists and it's not an ideal town for town running :(
I will try to run at another part tommorow morning, let's see how :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

***Desaru Half Ironman 2008, 16th Aug***
This was my first ever Half Ironman race in my life!! I've been targeting to complete this since last year but just couldn't do it due to work commitment last year.

After my long overseas trips with no proper training for almost half a year, I was in terrible shape for triathlon until Feb 08. I determined to start with a proper scheduling training with the focus to complete this Desaru Half Ironman since Feb 08 :)

So far before the race, I've improved on my swimming skills, cycling skills and running techniques as well. I've applied visa (permission) from my wife to allow me to focus on my training once I'm free from my work, which make me seldom returning back to Melaka to play around with my nephews and nieces :(

We travel down to Desaru from KL on Friday morning with me driving my wife down to Melaka, before I met up with my Chin Woo gangs to have chicken rice balls lunch before heading down to Desaru, Johor

The journey is very long indeed and luckily we have a full stomach before we left Melaka. It took around 3.5hours to reach Desaru from Melaka. I followed Mr.Lee's car with his 2 kids along and we chatted and felt optimise about the next day race ahead. I was so concern about the high temperature which might 'bake' me during the run or even the cycling legs. As compare to previous years, all our Chin Woo's members who returned after Desaru Half Ironman race surely will got their back / shoulders burn like "overcooked kuih balu" :) I kept on reminding myself to take my time during the transition to apply as much sunblock as possible as HC is worrying about my skin health :)

Relaxing and watching Olympics Badminton Semi-final match in Maybank Desaru Apartments

After we've registered and took our race goodies from the counter, we checked in to Maybank Desaru Apartments which is just 1km from the race starting point. I've booked this facility from the bank as to keep my cost low. Later in the evening, we enjoyed some Olympics games on Astro and watched Lee Choong Wei's semifinal match against Lee Hyun Ill, before heading to a fishing village for a carbo loading dinner.

4 power gels and 1 power bar as the main sources of energy during Half Ironman race

I was praying in my heart that the weather will be fine for me not to walk during the run leg. I drink a lot of fluids prior to the race day just to hydride myself up as lessons learned over the past races. I've had a dream during the night with my whole body sweated as I dreamed of the race day is raining during the run!! hahaha....funny to found out when I woke up in mid night :) and surprisingly it was raining during the run, hahaha......

From left: Jason,Don Cecil,me and Sharom - lining up for the hot day ahead

On Saturday morning, after having a bowl of mee with a egg, we cycled towards the transition area to make ourselves ready for the big day!! The sun is high up in the sky in the morning at around 8am. As a first timer to Desaru, I found that the sea water there was clean but choppy. The waves there is suitable for surfing! I did a warm up swim, heading just 50m out the sea to feel how to strategize myself later. I knew I've to do head up swim more frequent as I don't wanna lost my direction and precious time in the wavily sea water.

Pro Triathletes - they said they are pro, look pro, but not so pro as I think :(

Can you see how shining is the sea water?

3,2,1....boom!! All the triathletes dashing towards the choppy seas!! I was running like others and plunged into the nice cool water with almost 1000 participants :) What a good experience for an open water swim :) Due to the strong waves, most of the swimmers were pushed together and I'd a tough time in battled with the rest who were swimming near me. I knew that first thing to protect was my face, I did head up swam, breaststroke, kicking the people around me and of cos being pushed or pulled many times. Only after the 500m out in the seas then I found my rythms. I tried to swim at my pace with Michael Phelps strokes in my heads. To my surprise, I'm touching a pro-triahtles towards the first loops of swimming. I that fast, or he was just being trapped by others just now? I just got no time to figure it out at that moment, I knew I need to keep my pace. After 2 loops of swimming - 2k swim, I was among the front swimmers to emerged from water as I heard others saying "Wah Kun, u swam very fast ler...." , em....sound nice to hear that but if I can hear them saying "Kun, u run very fast liao ar!!!" , then will be more satisfying for me :) I had a great swim that day even though with strong current and waves, managed to finish the 2k swim in 42min59sec ahead of most of my friends from Chin Woo :)

This is the pro who I touched his feet few times

I looked pro, am I? hahaha....

Coming in to T1, I put on my cycling gloves as to have a comfort grip on my aerobar. I applied lots of sunblocks on my body parts where ever I can reach. Right after the first turning, Don and Cecil had passed through me. As planned, I will complete my Half Ironman race according to my heart rate monitor, advised from friends and internet research. I tried to keep my HR at 155bpm and cycling with less stress on my legs. The cycling legs required 3 loops of 30km cycling which covered lots of hills with lots of head winds during the course. This was a non-drafting race and I told myself I've to complete this race with head up. There were many triathletes drafted each others during the cycling loops, I really looked down on them, they are rellying on others to finish the 90km, what a shame....cheaters :( I've prepared myself for it and did a 160km cycling to Lukut 2 weeks prior to this race and I felt confident on the saddle :)

Carmen tailing behind me while finishing 60km, still feeling good although under hot sun for 2 hours ++

During the first 2 loops, the are numerous triathletes passing on my right. I just keep reminding myself no to be emotional, stick to my race strategy with my HR below 155bpm. Coming for the 3rd loops, after 2hours plus grueling cycling under hot sun, the cycling leg based on my race strategy paid off. I started passing others with my cycling speed still maintained at my comfort level. Some even stopped by the road side to massage their thighs as a result of silly mistakes they made in the previous loops."Hey man, this is not OD race, this is Half Ironman race, don't do the stupid things if you haven't tried it before, u r killing urself!! ". I even felt a bit happy deep in my heart when I saw this scenario, as I know if I were did the same in the earlier cycling part, I would end up DNF for the race even!! I came hear to finish the race, not to see others crossing the finishing line!!

God started to sympathy on us and sprikle us with his holy water during the last loop of cyling legs. I felt so relieve and looking forwards for a comfort run leg. After the 90km ride, I was hoping my leg will response well enough after the sweats I'd put in so far during the trainings. The sun was still up high in the sky while I was in T2, I just reapplied sunblocks on my limbs and shoulders as the sun really "fierce" on tat day. Some more we were racing near to the beach, I knew I'll become "Ane" after race :)

Looked fresh and happy coming out from T2

I was really happy running out T2 with fresh legs which I never experienced before during any of my triathlon races :) I'm so confident that I can finish the race without walking!! For the first time, I'm overtaking so many triathletes during the run legs, I'm glad to do tat during Half Ironman race. The run legs required 2 loops of 10.5km run which we can get some cheers from others. I finished my first 10km in 1hour15min and my legs stop compromised after the 12km mark. Luckily God showed his mercy again at that moment, we had a complete cooling run under the rain, the sunblock which I applied b4 was useless. I started to feel the tiredness on my legs after the 12km run, luckily all my joints were not protesting. Up to this stage, my legs muscles still working fine, but I just need to slow down as my energy level reached very low, my tank is almost empty. I just consumed power gel during my race, not feeling eating any solid food at all even they provide banana as well. My sugar level is dropping and I just felt like drinking coca-cola. My friend's wife who is supporting us gave me a cup of Milo iced and that really help!

Drinking Milo iced to regain energy level

During the last 4km, my tank left <10% onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Razali, the undeniable Triathletes of Malaysia, finishing strong ahead of the rest of Malaysian

Lessons learned during the race -
1. Practice more on the running, most triathletes success because of the strong running legs!!
2. Fueling is very important for long distance race, need to practice this during the trainings.
3. Practices make perfect, keep training for a stronger next race!!!
4. Don't give up, the angel and evil is within you!! You set the goal, you achieve it!
5. Enjoy what I'm doing, don't compare too much with the rest, the result will improve after
pains and trainings

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Long Ride

Woke up at 5.30am on Sunday morning. The road is so quite and many were still in their dreams when I was cycling towards Cheras Kajang Highway to meet my cycling kaki for today's long ride.

Today's plan was to cycle from my house (Cheras batu 3.5 - Kajang - Sepang - Lukut). One way was 80km, total distance covered were 160km with time elapsed at 6hours20mins.

I planned not to drafted anyone along the way as to train myself to be prepared for the upcoming Desaru Half Ironman Race which is non drafted race for 90km.

Luckily the sun is "on leave" while I'm out there today, but still my skin was getting tanned and look really like a malay guy now:)